Serving our community means strengthening our community.

ICTV is a Minnesota 501(c)(3) with a mission to strengthen Itasca Area Communities through public access media.  For...

ICTV Programs:  If you like it, you can have it.  In most cases, ICTV programming is available on DVD for the public...

Two Rivers Video creates must watch videos for nonprofits & businesses.


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Videos for and about our community

Embedded thumbnail for Wild ricing early 70s Grand Rapids Minnesota

Old wild ricing video of my grandfather & grandmothers shot back in the early 70s

Embedded thumbnail for Community Matters   Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Evelyn Fielding from Support within Reach talks about the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes even coming...

Embedded thumbnail for FIND YOUR WINGS

A special project by our 2017 summer intern Matthew Riehle.

Embedded thumbnail for Grand Rapids Speedway Enduro-June 2017-Start of Race-1st Segment

Grand Rapids MN Speedway- Enduro Race-June 2017-Start of Race-First Race of Season-Itasca County...

Embedded thumbnail for Wind blowing through the birch trees (Grand Rapids, MN)

White birch trees line a back road near Grand Rapids, Minnesota. This was a good spot to hear...

About us

Itasca Community Television, Inc., does business as ICTV.  We are the only television station dedicated to the Itasca County area of Minnesota.  That means we care about what happens every day from our local schools to our city halls.  We are funded by the Grand Rapids Area Cable Commission, the Blandin Foundation, Itasca County, our members and services.  As a nonprofit, our goal is to put what we earn into great TV for you.


Staff insights and observations on ICTV's programs and the community



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