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HEROs at Home Project

HEROs at Home focuses on capturing students’ skills and abilities outside of the school environment and integrating them back into the classroom. For many students, the end of the school day signals the beginning of extracurricular activities and community involvement. This is a time when our young people go forth and do wonderful things in the Grand Rapids area, many of which go unnoticed or unrecognized by community members or school personnel. Whether it be gymnastics at the Grand Rapids Gymnastics Academy, duck hunting on the Mississippi River, or playing pond hockey at the Murphy rink, each student is a teacher in his/her own way. Therefore, it is essential that each be utilized as such in order for them to establish confidence and belonging in the classroom, all the while helping other students formulate understanding by sharing these experiences with each other. My message to students at the end of each school week is simple, “Do something great this weekend and come back and share it with us!”

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