LIVE Streaming

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ICTV's mission is to connect, inform and empower the community through diverse media. We at ICTV, and that includes our strong member base, have been doing that for nearly 35 years. Public access cable television began in Grand Rapids through the skill and dedication of personnel at Itasca Community College in 1982. The idea quickly spread and ICTV was incorporated as a nonprofit in 1983. From periodic programming on one channel to regularly scheduled programming on three channels, ICTV has grown according to the wishes of our community. The leap into broader media began with a web page in the 1990s and bloomed into our fully integrated web presence in the summer of 2008.

ICTV's three channels focus on traditional PEG (public, education and government) access programming. So our staff and volunteers are as likely to tape a library program as a township meeting. Our online presence focuses on the government channel for maximum impact on our communities. But, we also celebrate the innovative programming the staff creates in the studio and the video our members and friends distribute across the web.

ICTV is cablecast locally on Mediacom's channels 2, 5 and 7, and Paul Bunyan Communications' channels 32, 35 and 37. Communities that support the Grand Rapids Area Cable Commission with franchise and PEG fees which, in turn, supports ICTV, include Grand Rapids, Cohasset, LaPrairie and the township of Harris.

Our television providers extend our reach to other communities of Keewatin, Nashwauk, Taconite, Calumet, Marble, Deer River, Wirt, Squaw Lake, Dora Lake and Northome. The live stream generates interest for former Grand Rapidians and current property owners around the globe.