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ICTV sponsorship or underwriting demonstrates support of the programming by allowing underwriting messages to be aired during scheduled programming.

ICTV divides its underwriting opportunities into three categories:  General Underwriting, Regularly Produced Programming and Extraordinary Programming.  Each offers an opportunity for information and name recognition for the sponsoring business or agency. 

ICTV uses the following guidelines when establishing a sponsor message for programming:

  • ICTV sponsorship generally follows guidelines established by the public broadcasting system, available online at
  • All sponsorship spots are 15 seconds in length.
  • Sponsors will receive a voice-over and video clip that identifies the sponsoring business or agency.  Logos or short static video clips may be used. ICTV will shoot moving video for an additional fee.
  • ICTV makes every effort to bundle no more than four sponsor spots in one underwriting segment.
  • Each sponsor block shall be preceded with the phrase similar to:  “Programming on Itasca Community Television, ICTV, is brought to you by the following community supporters”.

Contracts for sponsorship/underwriting may be established through the executive director.