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ICTV’s scope of influence is the Itasca County Region.  Subscribers on the Mediacom Communications network and Paul Bunyan Communications network receive some and/or all of ICTV’s programming.  ICTV Communities include Grand Rapids, Cohasset, LaPrairie, Deer River, Dora Lake , Wirt, Inger, Nashwauk (1 channel) Keewatin (1 channel), Harris Township, Calumet, Marble, Taconite and the Koochiching County Community of Northome.ICTV is a non-profit 501(c) 3 non-discriminatory corporation.  It is the policy of ICTV to encourage community members to utilize ICTV to communicate and educate cable subscribers with accurate, non-biased, and enriching programming.  ICTV, as a non-profit, cablecasting station, does not restrict access to any person, business, governmental agency, organization, school, college or church in accordance with this policy manual developed by the ICTV Board of Directors.