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ICTV welcomes the open discussion of issues related to public office and will support the presentation of these discussions.

ICTV will host election forums for lead offices of a government (mayor, commissioner, council member, board president) as possible.

At minimum, each candidate for local, regional, state or federal office representing a community in the ICTV viewing area will receive air time to discuss his or her position. These appearances will be arranged with the operations manager and shall occur no later than the Friday, three weeks prior to the election. 

ICTV retains the right to schedule, record and air forums and discussions, as applicable on any issues of ballot.  These may or may not include incumbent officers or individuals seeking office.

During an election year, ICTV retains the right to report pertinent news on the local, state or federal level with the involvement of individuals currently holding office who may be up for re-election.