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ICTV maintains a web site with several offerings to the public.  It is located at  The following categories explain a few of the popular web components and their interactivity with ICTV’s online community.  Online services are subject to change.

Streaming Video

ICTV maintains a streaming video block.  It plays ICTV’s government channel.

Watch ICTV now

This area is for all the government meetings, studio programs, and the Weekly News in Review.    These are available here as video-on-demand links.

Screen Itasca

ICTV links to locally-produced video that it finds at popular video sites, or as suggested by viewers.  People can suggest videos to which to link by emailing the link to  

Community Calendar

This is the online link to the ICTV bulletin board seen on channel 5 Medicom and channel 35 Paul Bunyan.

Regional news

ICTV aggregates some community content including local and state news,