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Members make great TV

Members matter to ICTV.  Members add a level of community ownership to ICTV.  They keep the Board of Directors and staff in tune to the activities of the community and share some of the ICTV resources.
Consider joining ICTV today.  Any level of support is appreciated.  All member names appear daily on our public access cable stations. Each level also allows individuals to check out video equipment to create local programming to air on ICTV.  See our Rules and Procedures for a full description of benefits.   

Personal Support Categories
Student: through College JOIN NOW: $25.00
Stage Hands:  This ICTV’s basic level of support for individuals. JOIN NOW: $40.00
On-Air Crew:   An individual or family investment.  JOIN NOW: $60
Video Benefactor:   An individual or family investment .  JOIN NOW: $120

Business and Organizations Support Categories
This category of giving allows the donor to create a feature program about the business or organization. 
Cable Casting: Small business and non-profit members.  JOIN NOW: $150
Access Patron:  Our large companies and non-profits. JOIN NOW: $250

ICTV Rules and Procedures