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ICTV produces a large portion of programming within the viewing communities. ICTV management makes decisions on what to record based on the following guidelines:

  • Government coverage will be accomplished with the local governments as per arrangement with the cable commission or the individual community.
  • Programming arranged by ICTV must have a direct link to our community:
    • Is it of public interest?
    • Will the guests present an understandable program of the issues?
    • Will airing the program support the mission of strengthening our communities?
    • Is the entertainment or artistic presentation representative of our area arts community?
    • Does it support or further education?
    • Is it non-commercial?
  • ICTV welcomes suggestions for producing community events and activities and will accomplish as many community programs as staffing allows. 
  • Programming produced by ICTV is copyrighted by ICTV.  Copies may be made and sold by ICTV.
  • Programming produced by ICTV may also be used all or in-part as part of news programs on ICTV. 
  • Individuals recommending regular programming or a series to be produced by ICTV shall create a premise statement to submit to the Program Committee. Contact the executive director for direction on this process.