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ICTV cablecasts meetings of several other governmental entities within the Itasca County service area.  As a public access station, ICTV accepts schedules and cablecasts these meetings. 

Itasca County communities may record and cablecast their information in one of the following ways.

  1. Join ICTV as a member, train a volunteer or staff member to use ICTV equipment, and check out the equipment to record the meeting/event.
  2. Record the event using other equipment or videographers and provide a copy to ICTV. or
  3. Hire ICTV staff (as available) to record the event off the standard rate chart.

Government entities not covered by direct funding arrangements may show their appreciation to ICTV in the form of underwriting its broadcasts and/or joining as members. Whether or not an Itasca County governmental entity chooses to provide underwriting or joins as a member will not impact the scheduling of government meetings or events.   

ICTV may also air regional, statewide or federal issues of significance via the government channel

Submitted government meetings are available on-demand at