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ACCESS CHANNELa non-commercial television channel authorized through member cities of the Grand Rapids Area Cable Commission and administered by ICTV or deemed public access by the local cable operator.  Currently Mediacom Communications channels 2, 5, and 7 and Paul Bunyan Communications channels 32, 35 and 37 carry ICTV programming to the Itasca County region.

ACCESS EQUIPMENT—refers to any designated access audio or video equipment under the care of ICTV for access purposes and includes camera equipment, editing equipment and cablecasting equipment.

ACCESS PROGRAMMING—pre-recorded or live programs cablecast or to be cablecast on an access channel.  It also includes programs provided via the internet.

ACCESS USER—refers to anyone who uses an access channel, access equipment or the ICTV studio.

AIR TIME—means the actual time of day that is used or proposed to be used for cablecasting access programming or community announcements on an access channel.

CABLECAST—the means by which programming is delivered to the cable television provider through a closed system then to the viewer.  It is contrary to broadcast which delivers the content over assigned airway frequencies.

CAMERA EQUIPMENT—means the camera and associated equipment to be used in conjunction with its operation.

CURRENT MEMBER—any individual, family, business, or organization that has paid the required membership dues to ICTV.  Membership must be current.  Lapsed members will not be afforded membership benefits until their memberships have been reinstated.

EDITING EQUIPMENT—any computer equipment and software that is used to provide the editing of audio or video.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR—the person designated and hired by the Board of Directors to administer the daily management and administration of ICTV.

FRANCHISE FEE—a fee paid to a municipality by a cable provider.  It is set for in a franchise agreement guaranteeing access and conditions to the municipality.

POLITICAL CANDIDATE—any person who has announced his/her candidacy for public office in any primary, general or special election for municipal, county, state, national or school board office.

SPONSOR/UNDERWRITER—any person, business, agency or organization that pays ICTV to be recognized as a sponsor of a program or series of programs.  An underwriter does not have to be a current member to sponsor a program.

STUDIO—refers to the cablecast studio facility at ICTV.

SUPPORTER—any person or organization that has furnished ICTV with financial assistance, in-kind support or volunteerism, i.e., current members, underwriters, units of government, foundations, educational districts, individuals, businesses, agencies, union, non-profit organizations, clubs and associations.

VIDEO SERVICES—means any function that is within the capability of ICTV to perform in the areas of video production, editing, copying or cablecasting.

VOLUNTEER—means any person who contributes their time on a regular basis to video productions or other services on behalf of ICTV and at direction of the operations manager or executive director.