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The ICTV Information Central bulletin board is to inform the community of public activities such as meetings, craft shows, performing arts etc. The bulletins play with background audio provided by 91.7 KAXE on all three channels.  It runs continuously on Channel 35 Paul Bunyan and 5 Mediacom and in between programming on the other two channels. Non-profit organizations may use this service to inform viewers of activities or fundraisers, but individuals and businesses may not use this service to advertise for personal or business gain.  The bulletin board also is available online at

Items to be submitted to the community bulletin board may be delivered via e-mail, the web page contact form, mail, or in person.  ICTV cannot take bulletin messages over the phone. A bulletin board sample form is attached.

The item will be posted and run for two weeks prior to the event. There is no charge for this service. ICTV maintains the right to edit material.  ICTV may submit material received to community-wide online calendars.  

Event cancellations may be called in by the event coordinator who submitted the announcement; however, ICTV cannot guarantee it will get posted in a timely manner.  Organizers should always use alternative sources of information to make sure that cancellations are directed to those most likely to attend the event.