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Only current members may use access equipment.  In the event of a business or organization, a designee of the member group may reserve and use the equipment or studio facilities.  Access equipment and studio facilities are intended for non-commercial and non-profit use and any programs produced by or with access equipment by members may not be used for financial gain by an individual or group.  Access programs will result from the use of any access equipment. Access equipment shall not be loaned for members’ personal projects.

Available equipment includes:

  • video cameras and batteries,
  • tripods,
  • wireless microphones and
  • An editing computer.

Requests to use access equipment shall be made at least one week prior to the requested date.  Individuals may call, write or email their request.  Access users must be trained or demonstrate an adequate proficiency on any ICTV access equipment before using the equipment.

Access users will be responsible for and held liable for any loss or damage to access equipment while it is checked out in their name.  A parent or legal guardian must accept responsibility and liability for any access equipment loss or damage caused by a minor and may be required to sign a form accepting the responsibility. Access user privileges may be suspended or terminated by the executive director if the access user does not use and safeguard ICTV access equipment including setting up, operating, taking down, transporting or protecting access equipment.

Camera equipment and accessories will be checked out and returned on a timely basis in good working condition.  Editing equipment will not leave the studio.  Users are subject to additional training or proof of editing skills before being assigned editing equipment. 

An access user may not identify him or herself as an employee or agent of ICTV unless he or she is acting in the capacity of an employee or agent at the direction of the executive director.