August 17, 2018

Each Wednesday at 5:30 pm and Saturday at 3:00pm, ICTV plays programs from the archives on the Public Access Channel. Coming up on Saturday, August 18, we will be replaying two Grand Rapids Area Library Programs: “World War II American Aircraft,” followed by, “POWs in Minnesota.” The following week, August 22 and August 25, will feature: “Circles of Support – Second Chances.” Keep an eye on ICTV’s schedule to see what’s coming out of the archive next.

August 15, 2018

All summer long, ICTV will be airing the 2018 Summer Concert Series on its Public Access Channels. This week’s concert is, “The Northern Lights Trio with Cassie Bender”. Performed at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, this concert features Jazz covers of favorites from screen and stage performed by Rob Olsen on piano and vocals, Jerry Hagen on Bass and Vocals, Terri Price on Drums, and featuring Cassie Bender on Vocals. The 2018 Summer Concert Series airs every Friday at 7PM.