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Working the Puzzle

Steps to survival in times of change is the theme for Itasca Community Television's new series Working the Puzzle. Beth George and Jennifer Vail-Storrs took turn hosting the first two episodes that featured Lori Hendrickson from the University of Minnesota Extension Service and Andy Klous from Affinity Plus. The goal of the new show is to be a resource for community members that experience job loss or financial difficulties, to provide advice or find workable solutions to everyday dilemmas.

Critters of Itasca County

Host of Just Outdoors, Tom Chapin met with Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Grand Rapids Assistant Area Wildlife Manager Jeff Hines in the latest episode to showcase some of the pelts of the furred creatures that inhabit this area.

Patriotic Programs

In honor of Veteran's Day last week ICTV will be showing three of the Veteran's Day programs that were done by Robert J. Elkington Middle School, Forest Lake Elementary and Cohasset Elementary.