Drupalcon 2018 Nashville, TN.

On Tuesday April, 10th I headed to DrupalCon in Nashville, TN.What is Drupalcon?DrupalCon unites experts from around the globe who create ambitious digital experiences. Network, learn, and be inspired. This very site you are reading the post on is developed with the Drupal cms platform as all of our web presence. My goal was to learn about Ecommerce for an upcoming project here at ICTV. While at the conference I was able to meet with the developers of the ecommerce modules we are looking to use and many other developers.

From the ICTV Archives

Each Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm, ICTV plays programs from the archives on the Public Access Channel. Coming up on Saturday, April 14, we will be replaying, “Sing Out Strong - Hope Not Hate.” This will be followed by the Earth Circle program, “The Benefits of Renewable Energy.” The following week, April 21, will feature two performances from the 2017 Summer Concert Series: “Second Wind Harmonica Band,” and “Surprise Surprise.” Keep an eye on ICTV’s schedule to see what’s coming out of the archive next.

All new "Working the Puzzle"

Yesterday morning I  interviewed Dr. Patty Carlin-Janssen, who is a family medicine doctor at Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital, as part of our Working the Puzzle series.  She talked about the impact of stress on your body if you've recently lost your job.  If you'd like to watch the latest program in our Working the Puzzle series you can look for the show to be cablecast throughout the month on your local public access channel or you can watch it here on demand on our website or head on over to our YouTube channel at