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Living Your Best Life

Thusday was Itasca Community College 2017 Wellness Day. Dr. Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, CHIP program founder and Clinical Professor of Preventative Medicine at Loma Linda University was at the Chucker Auditorium at Davies Hall to hold a presentation for the students about healthy living. The food choices we make have a deep impact on our long-term quality of life, and healthful lifestyle choices that start early will have a lasting effect. Itasca Community Television was there to capture the event.

ICTV Construction Update

If you want to see the latest developments of the ICTV reconstruction project, make sure to tune in to this week's Weekly News in Review to se a time-lapse of the progress so far...

Clear Community Conversations

On Wednesday representatives of representative Rick Nolan met at the Grand Rapids Area Library to listen to the constituants of the community to get fresh perspectives on the current political climate, engaging public conversation and encouraging resourcesful feedback. The open dialogue was captured on video.