Drupalcon 2018 Nashville, TN.

On Tuesday April, 10th I headed to DrupalCon in Nashville, TN.What is Drupalcon?DrupalCon unites experts from around the globe who create ambitious digital experiences. Network, learn, and be inspired. This very site you are reading the post on is developed with the Drupal cms platform as all of our web presence. My goal was to learn about Ecommerce for an upcoming project here at ICTV. While at the conference I was able to meet with the developers of the ecommerce modules we are looking to use and many other developers. I attended many sessions and meet a lot of people had some great conversations and got a lot of info to head me in the correct direction for the upcoming project. Let’s not forget this is the music city the conference was downtown Nashville so some sightseeing was done after the conference.